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The Sativa Effect

The effects are conventionally divided into Stone and High. The Stone effect relaxes you and makes you feel completely peaceful, while the High effect is exactly the opposite: it invigorates you and gives you a strong feeling of euphoria, happiness and flight, and gives you a feeling of lightness. Confidence in one’s own strength and gigantic capacity for work is not uncommon for a sativa effect. The rushing action, strength and duration are the factors that have made the Sativa effect so interesting and preferred by many. After a certain amount of time, hai turns into stoner and there is no escaping it. The timing of the sativa effect differs depending on the variety. Read more about the differences between indica and sativa.

Details on the hi-effect.
Yes, hai is characteristic of varieties dominated by Sativa genes. Pure Sativa by itself is not so interesting to growers because of the slow development and flowering. But hybrids with Indica and/or Ruderalis genes are much more common. The effect in the mixed varieties is different – duration, vigor and speed of transition to stoner.

A number of Sativa Effect benefits:

Gives a sense of well-being;
Directs the thoughts clearly;
Invigorating, energizing;
Enhances thought processes and develops creative ideas;
Helps fight depression.

Sativa aficionados love it because of the positive energy it gives. And at the same time it doesn’t prevent you from concentrating on your work. On the physical, or mental. The high effect concentrates your attention, achieving record-breaking productivity. The value of Sativa’s effects is appreciated by creative individuals. Even in a creative crisis, Sativa can give you a boost, open up new horizons, give you a lot of fresh, interesting ideas. Unlike Indica, Sativa has less of a sedative effect, so it is not as interesting in medical practice. But the psychoactive effects are the mainstay of Sativa’s popularity. The strength, duration, saturation of the effect may vary greatly depending on the variety. Plus a lot depends on the individual characteristics of a particular person. Usually sativa gives an incredible feeling of euphoria and happiness.

If it is important to choose a good variety with a strong high effect, here are 5 vigorous sativas with an exhilarating high effect.

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