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The Sativa Effect. Hi, “high”!

Sativa and indica and medical marijuana card nyc are the main representatives of the cannabis family. There is also the so-called weed Ruderalis, but it cannot boast of any effects in its pure form. This is why the attention of growers is focused on sativa and indica seeds.

There can be no struggle between them: this is not the battle between Alexander the Great and Darius III, this is not the confrontation between Inter and Juventus in Serie A. Their net effect differs dramatically, but it is in the hybrid varieties that you can find enticing and curious combinations. And, how Indica effects can be found here.

Sativa-dominant varieties: morning or evening?

Doesn’t morning start with coffee? It’s a hackneyed phrase, but it is a clue to the question of the main effect produced by sativa. Cheerfulness, energy and burst of energy are its main characteristics. When talking about sativa, the words “high” and “buzz” immediately come to mind: the effect is mostly cerebral, charging the brain with efficiency and creative flight.

Sativa cannabis seeds for the “high” effect
Raspberry Cough

A hybrid of the THC-rich Cambodian Landrace and the multiple award-winning ICE, Raspberry Cough could not be a run-of-the-mill, unassuming variety. The sativa is present here at 70%, so it will easily show its take-off effect.

The pleasant berry flavor of Raspberry Cough will appeal to sweet lovers, and the peppery flavor will please fans of spicy. The flavor and aroma along with the high THC content will make you feel happy, buzzed and clear your mind, plus it will take away all the symptoms of sleepiness and fatigue.

The Happiness Vitamin is prescribed for those suffering from apathy, depression, fatigue and all kinds of stress disorders.

Jack 47

The super hybrid Jack 47 has taken the best from its parents Jack Herer and AK-47 and can be called one of the richest strains in flavor, aroma and effect. THC levels easily reach 24% with a CBD of 2%. The full-bodied effects unfold quickly, bringing both the mind and the body into the zone of influence. Depression, fatigue will go away, but the appetite after Jack 47 wakes up brutal.

The warning shot, contrary to the rules, here is aimed at the head. An instant charge of positive emotions leaves in a blissful state of happiness, clearing the way for the high effect, which will bring with it inspiration, a creative boost and, perhaps, excessive talkativeness. It is only now that the flow of energy into the body arrives, confining it to a pre-accepted position. A kind of stretching takes place: the body goes down, while thoughts and consciousness strive upward.

New York City City

The brainchild of Jack Herer and NYC Diesel is primarily known for its yield and stress-resistance. A separate article to consider is its effects, but there is no need for superfluous words here.

The lingering and visibly strong high will appeal to beginners and experienced growlers alike. Bringing your thoughts to order and toning up not only your body, but also your mind, New York could be a great inspiration for productive activities throughout the day. Feeling happy, being able to create and not stopping for anything, the hybrid New York City provides many opportunities for personal development.

Thai Fantasy

The strain Thai Fantasy will easily brighten up your drab everyday life by changing reality within the limits of your consciousness. A hybrid of Maple and Leaf Citrus, it is perhaps one of the most exotic varieties in terms of flavor characteristics-all thanks to its Caribbean, Indian, and Afghan blood.

High with its electric discharges of energy may seem a little aggressive at first, but in the development of the effect will charm the whole mind, awakening the most secret fantasies and desires. All within the bounds of decency, of course. The effect extends to the mind as well as to the body, toning up, inspiring, and giving a sense of carefree abandon.

Depression and apathy will not be able to resist the massage of Thai beauties, and the aroma of oriental incense will chase away fatigue. And it doesn’t matter if it’s just a fantasy.

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